Real Money Video Poker | Best USA Casinos for Video Poker 2024

Real money video poker games are popular games offering large winning potential. The games combine slots and poker games to create an entertaining game. If you choose to play the game, the only opponent you’ll be facing is the computer. This means there are no players to bluff your way through a hand. Instead, the gameplay comes down to skill, strategy and, as you’d expect, luck.

Our 3 Top-Rated Real Money Casinos

Cafe Casino Logo
Our rating: 4.7/5
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Welcome bonus:
500% up to $5000
Mastercard Visa Bitcoin

Benefits of Cafe Casino

  • Safe and Reputable Casino, Mobile Friendly
  • Free Coins & Bonuses
  • Games available on Android
Top-Rated Casino Top-Rated Casino
Ignition Casino Logo
Our rating: 4.9/5
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Welcome bonus:
100% up to $1000
Mastercard Visa Bitcoin

Benefits of Ignition Casino

  • Ignition is the highest ranking casino among all players
  • Mobile friendly
  • Games available on iPad, iPhone & Android Logo
Our rating: 4.4/5
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Welcome bonus:
120% up to $5000
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Benefits of Casino

  • Big game library and banking methods
  • VIP rewards program
  • Exceptional player support

The word skill and strategy used in one sentence may put some players off. But you shouldn’t fold in yet. If you are new to this beautiful and exciting game, we are here to help you get started on your journey. We’ve highlighted the playing rules in details used for all video poker games. We’ve also listed some of the key problems new players are bound to come across while playing, along with tips to avoid these problems. Read the guide and thank us later!

Full Ranking of Online Video Poker Casinos For Real Money + Overview

Our experienced team of experts have clocked hours, reviewing real money poker sites and compiled a list of the best casinos in the USA. This list has been prepared focusing on different areas. These include licensing information, bonuses and promotions, game selection and payment options supported at the casinos.

Note that we are constantly trying out new entries to the market and updating our list as often as possible. This ensures you only get the best of the best real money video poker casinos.

Lincesing Video Poker

What makes a real money online casino trustworthy? It’s a question you’ll find across the majority of the forums where video poker players frequent. And it’s a good thing to be wary of who you give your money to.

At Max Casino USA, we believe a trustworthy casino is one that is licensed or regulated one way or the other. The license can either be issued by a reputable licensing body or it could be self regulated. Many players may argue self regulation is a bad thing but it doesn’t have to be. If it’s through a reputable company, players shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

The video poker casinos we recommend are either in both categories. As long as a brand is fully licensed or regulated by a reputable body, we won’t be shy to recommend it. However, the license has to be a valid one and highlights aspects such as fair gaming in addition to safe and secure gaming.

Bonus and promotions for video poker games
Bonuses and Promotions

We also know that bonuses and promotions are important aspects, which real money video poker players value. Therefore, we make sure that while reviewing casino sites, the site has plenty to offer in this category.

To impress our team of reviewers, the online casino should be perked with all manner of promotions. Welcome bonuses have become standard. So the site should at least go an extra mile and provide VIP programs, with mind blowing deals. Regular tournaments should also be a frequent sighting. Better yet, all these offers should be awarded without any bias, and have friendly terms and conditions to accompany.

Game selections
Game Selection

Video poker is of course the main focus of this page. But it’s not the only game that you can play at the online casinos. For online casinos on our list of casinos, it should also offer other casino games in its portfolio.

Online slots, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, keno, bingo, and craps should be included. The portfolio doesn’t need to have all these games but at least include titles that are popular among US players. Most importantly, they should be powered by renowned providers and have friendly bet limits.

Payment options for video poker
Payment Options and Transaction Speeds

Players visiting online casinos should be able to move their cash in and out of their accounts easily and fast. To enable them achieve this, the online casino should have the necessary infrastructure in place. This infrastructure is basically suitable payment options and favourable policies.

Therefore, while reviewing real money video poker sites, we look at the payment methods supported. We ask ourselves, “Are these methods suitable for US players?” “Who can use these options?” We also look at the processing speeds and if there are any hidden fees. We’ll be sure to include all this information in our reviews.

Our #1 Winner
Ignition Casino Logo
Welcome Bonus
100% up to $1000
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Ignition Casino
US Flag Players from USA accepted

Ignition Online Casino has been operational since 2016. The brand is under the ownership of Lynton Limited, who are also the operators of other renowned brands such as, and Café Casino. Ignition brings something extraordinary to the industry.

They have the largest active and all round poker platform, focused mostly on entertaining the US player base. They also offer a nice suit of games from the reputable Rival Gaming. It is one of the few sites to hold a license from the well respected licensing body of the Government of Curacao, making it a legitimate site too.

Why players love Ignition Casino?
  • The best poker games and tournaments online
  • Large player base in the live dealer lobbies
  • At least three Bitcoin promotions running simultaneously
Casino rating
  • License & Security
  • Bonuses and Promotions
  • Casino Games
  • Payments Options
  • Overall rating: 4.9
Cafe Casino Logo
Welcome Bonus
500% up to $5000
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Cafe Casino
US Flag Players from USA accepted

Although Café Casino has technically only been active since 2016, their roots under different names go back to the early 2000s. We’ve also been active members at the site since their launch, which is why we’ve decided to prepare this expansive review on the brand.

By the time you are done reading this Café Casino review, you’ll have known why their tournaments are one of the best; why you can depend on their customer support team and why you should be part of the Cafe Casino's Perks promo.

Why players love Café Casino?
  • Nice selection of casino games
  • Proactive, professional and friendly support
  • Fast withdrawals at no extra cost
Casino rating
  • License & Security
  • Bonuses and Promotions
  • Casino Games
  • Payments Methods
  • Overall rating: 4.7
El Royale Logo
Welcome Bonus
250% up to $12,500
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El Royale
US Flag Players from USA accepted

El Royale online casinos is without doubt one of the leading operators in the newly regulated USA online casino industry. Since its launch in 2020, the El Royale brand has aimed at replicating the success of its competitors, combining the best of land based casino gaming and a leading technological website.

This is why they offer themed promotions from time to time, a cutting edge mobile gaming platform, a number of entertaining games among many other features. Read our El Royale Casino review and find out what awaits you when you sign up at the casino.

Why players love El Royale?
  • Easy to use and navigate website
  • Up to 87 jackpot slots to pick from
  • Super fast Bitcoin payouts
Casino rating
  • License & Security
  • Bonuses and Promotions
  • Casino Games
  • Payments Options
  • Overall rating: 4.4 Logo
Welcome Bonus
120% up to $5000
Play Now Read Review
US Logo Players from USA accepted online casino is underrated in a lot of aspects, with their payouts behind Exhibit A. Practically; they are the best when it comes to processing payments fast, especially with Bitcoin transactions. Make a Bitcoin withdrawal and you will have it deposited into your wallet in under an hour. This is especially true if you make a small Bitcoin withdrawal request.

The best part about it is that you won’t have to provide any form of identification or talk to an agent. The caveat is that you have to be outside of the states of Nevada, NJ and Delaware to enjoy these services.

Why players love
  • Speedy payouts
  • Reliable customer support services
  • Reputable and reliable brand with a good history
Casino rating
  • License & Security
  • Bonuses and Promotions
  • Casino Games
  • Payments Options
  • Overall rating: 4.4
Big Spin Casino Logo
Welcome Bonus
200% up to $1000
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Big Spin Casino
US Flag Players from USA accepted

Big Spin online casino aims at doing everything bigger and better than its immediate online casino competitors. Whether it is their fresh promotions and bonuses or the burgeoning games portfolio, the site that was only launched in 2017 and licensed by the reputable Government of Curacao takes everything to the next level.

Ready to find out how far Big Spin is willing to go to ensure you have a good time? This Big Spin Casino review has all the details.

Why players love Ignition Casino?
  • Person to person funds transfer allowed
  • Bright and fun website to use – even on mobile
  • Friendly wagering requirements. By far one of the best in the industry
Casino rating
  • License & Security
  • Bonuses and Promotions
  • Casino Games
  • Payments Options
  • Overall rating: 4.2

The A to Z of Video Poker

If you are new to video poker, there's a high chance you’ll come by terms flying around. And in some cases, they’ll be flying around in a confusing manner. But it won’t be the case once you are done reading this A to Z of video poker. We assure you that you’ll easily be navigating the world of video poker like the pros do.

This term relates to the total amount of cash you’ll be using to wager on each video poker session
An Ace-high is counted when you are holding an Ace without any low-ranking hands or pairs. This puts the Ace-high as the highest hand at that given time
This is another term used for bankroll. It is the total amount of money you have to spend playing real money video poker
It is what it sounds like – when discarding cards, you are getting rid of them after the first round of cards have been dealt. To do this, simply click on the cards you’d like to discard then hit the deal button to receive replacements
When you draw a card in real money video poker, you are simply getting dealt new cards after you’ve discarded the unwanted ones
Face card(s)
Face cards are cards featuring character images of the King, Queen, or Jack. They are the highest valued cards in video poker
When you hold a card as you play video poker, you are simply retaining it after discarding the unwanted cards. You should only hold a card in video poker if you think it will give you a shot at winning
House edge
The house edge in real money video poker is used to mean the same thing as it does in all other games. It is the advantage the casino (house) has over a player.
Max bet
While playing video poker, the Max Bet button is simply meant to enable you to maximize on bet level i.e., place the highest possible bet in one click of a button. It’s worth mentioning some of the video poker games require you to wager the maximum bet possible in order to win the top prize. For instance, you’ll only score the Royal Flush premium payout in Jacks or Better if the Max Bet feature is activated
A multi-hand is simply an abbreviation for multiple hand. Some of the real money video poker game have this feature per betting round to help you maximize your winning chances
Pay table
The pay table in video poker game gives you detailed information on all the possible hands the game offers and their respective payout values in terms of number of coins.
Pat hand
This is a video poker hand that you cannot improve upon after the first round. For instance, if you land a Royal Flush from the first deal
Pay back
The amount of money you expect to receive while playing video poker online.

How to Play Video Poker Online? Gameplay and Rules

With all the basics out of our way – how we pick video poker casinos and the terms you expect – why don’t we look at the video poker rules? You know how to play the game, right from the moment the hands are dealt to when you win?

Online video poker is one of the simpler casino games you’ll come across online. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been playing video poker for years or you are just getting started, it’s a game that you’ll be winning within no time. This is because it’s a software based casino game, with a software that will offer tips as you play. But even with this, it’s crucial that you understand the basics first so that you know the best hand to play.

How does the game of video start? Or what is the first play?

  • Step 1: It starts with placing your bet
  • Step 2: Dealing of a hand
  • Step 3: Then drawing the cards
  • Step 4: Formation of the strongest hand possible
  • Step 5: Winning

Betting in Real Money Video Poker

Betting in video poker

In real money video poker, the first thing that you need to do to bet is choose the amount you’d like to spend.

This is usually done by clicking on either the + or – buttons. In other cases, you’ll see two buttons indicated as < or > as shown in the image below.

As you adjust your bet amount, it will also affect the paytable above the playing field.

The Deal in Video Poker

Video poker deal

Since you are playing directly against the house (computer) winning in online video poker is all about the hand you are holding. This is contrary to the classic poker game, where you could bluff or out-bet your opponent. Furthermore, results in the software based game are determined by the Random Number Generator (RNG) software.

In line with the last statement, five cards are displayed on the screen –face down. In order to reveal their face values, simply click on the ‘Deal’ button. If you are not satisfied with the cards displayed, you can decide to play the next move.

The Draw Play

Video poker draw

Click on the same deal button to reveal a set of fresh cards – face up.

If you are still not satisfied with the cards displayed, repeat the procedure of clicking on the draw button.

Once satisfied, you are ready to proceed to the next play – forming a hand.

Forming Card Combinations In Video Poker Games

Five Cards Held

Facing you is a set of five cards. You have one main objective, form the strongest hand possible. How do you achieve this? It’s a simple task. Hold the cards you like and discard those you don’t like.

How does one hold a card in real money video poker game?

With the draw button active, click on the card you’d like to hold. It will be highlighted as “held”. Look at the image below for a pictorial representation.

You can hold all the cards you have or simply hold one and discard the rest. However, as a rule of the thumb, it’s advisable you hold the high value cards or rather form hands that are ranked highly in the video poker hands table below.

Winning in Video Poker

Winning Jack

In the event that you draw a hand that’s available in the paytable, the game will automatically let you know by highlighting it on the screen.

The corresponding payout will then be credited to your account.

Ignition Casino Bonus

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  • The best poker games and tournaments online
  • At least three Bitcoin promotions running simultaneously

Video Poker Hands

Every video poker game comes with a different type of pay table. Some offer different levels of payouts for each hand, and some arrange the hands in different orders. Below is a table summarizing how different hands in video poker are ranked, from the best to the worst.

Bear in mind other real money video poker games may put extra value on four aces than a regular four of a kind. Some will put more value on four (4) deuces. This difference is dependent on the game you are playing and as to whether there are extra caveats included to the paytable.

Hand Type
Royal Flush
10, J, Q, K, A – Suited
A suited hand means cards of the same suit. A royal flush therefore has cards of A, K, Q, J and 10 of the same suit. It is the strongest hand in video poker
Straight Flush
5, 6, 7, 8, 9 - Suited
It is similar to the royal flush on that it contains five cards in numerical sequence of the same suit
Four of a Kind
7, 7, 7, 7
Any four cards of the same rank
Full House
9, 9, 9, J, J
This is a hand with a pair of the same card value and three of the same card value
4, 7, 6, K, A (any cards) – Suited
Any five cards in a deck of the same suit
7,8, 9, 10, J
Five cards appearing in a ranked sequence
Three of a Kind
7,7,7,4,Q or 5,5,5,K,A or 3,3,3, 7, 5 etc
This is a hand with three cards of the same value
Two Pair
2, 2,Q, J, K or 7, 7, 8,Q, K
A hand with at least two pairs of the same card value
One Pair
A hand with two cards of matching rank. Eg. 4 of clubs + 4 spades, would be considered as a pair of 4’s

Odds and Payouts in Video Poker Game


The beauty of playing video poker game is that the payout of each game is usually explained in the help section. There’s usually an easy to read payout table displayed with a list of coin amounts, poker hands and the payout total in coins. All this information will be displayed under one section, so it’s easy for you to make a quick comparison.

For instance, if you are playing the popular jacks or better game, you receive a payout of 1-1 when you get a pair of jacks. i.e., one coin when you stake one coin. Similarly, you receive a payout of five coins when you stake five coins. The payouts are connected as you move up the coin levels and poker hands.

You’ll, however, notice a difference in the prize when betting on the top hand. As we’ve already stated in the outgoing section, when you wager max, you are assured of the premium payout. At Max Casinos USA, we believe in responsible gambling, so we advise you to bet on what you can afford.

Finding The Best Video Poker Casino

How to find the best video poker casino?

When searching for the best real money video poker casinos online, there are several other features you need to consider.

Licensing, promotions and bonuses, games and payment options are top priority but there are plenty of other things to put into consideration.

We’ve highlighted some of these features below.

Safety and Security

When looking at the safety and security of an online casino, consider features such as third party certifications. Such are issued by independent third party bodies such as eCOGRA, TST, iTech Labs among many others. Having a seal of approval from these organizations indicates that the online casino is committed to offering safe, secure and fair casino gaming to all.

Moreover, it should also be a brand that promotes responsible gambling in all fronts. In line with this, it should have a seal of approval from organizations such as GameCare and BeGambleAware.

Transparent Terms and Conditions

Make it a habit of reading through the terms and conditions. This is, especially, true when you want to commit some money to playing casino games and also when claiming the bonus(es). Usually, the bonuses will come with certain conditions (wagering requirements) you need to satisfy to redeem or use it. These conditions are usually spelt out in the terms and conditions section.

Read Player Reviews Online

Staying updated on what’s happening in the online casino industry is a fantastic way of finding out legitimate brands and those that are not worth your time and cash. Whether you are Goggling the brand or visiting their official website, there’s a wealth of information online to give you a clear cut picture of what real players and news sites are saying about it.

Ignition Casino Bonus

Try Video Poker on Ignition Casino

  • Welcome bonus 100% up to $1000
  • The best poker games and tournaments online
  • At least three Bitcoin promotions running simultaneously

Popular Video Poker Games

Now that you know the terminology behind real money video poker games and gathered information on how they work, are you ready to try some real money video poker games? Thankfully, Café Casino, Ignition Casino, and a few other brands on this page have a nice selection of titles. Below are some of our favourite titles available for play on your mobile device.

Bonus Poker
This is one of the many versions of real money video poker games. It's different from the other games as it rewards different payouts when you form a Four of a Kind depends on the rank of card used to achieve it
Jacks or Better
This is the go-to game for those starting off in video poker. Offers the best RTP and has easy to follow rules. Because of this, it is widely offered across multiple casinos online. You win in Jacks or Better if your hand has a pair of Jacks (hence the name).
Deuces Wild
This game is similar to Jacks or Better in terms of rules and gameplay. However, the Deuces (2s) act as wild cards
Joker Poker
This one has a Joker card, which results into a paytable that increases your chances of landing a high card hand

Tips and Tricks of Playing Video Poker

Since there are different hands in play, multi-hand poker requires you to play smarter than the regular video poker game. And while there’s no sure strategy to help you win every time, there are tricks you can employ to help you lower the house edge. Here are some of our best and proven tips and tricks to help you get started.

Play Maximum Coins Possible Video poker paytable

While playing single hand poker, you have the option of increasing the number of coins. This in turn increases the jackpot too. The same concept also applies to multi-hand online video poker. By playing the maximum number of coins (5), you increase your chances of winning the massive Royal Flush jackpot. Look at the table below to get a better understanding of what we mean.

Adjust Your Bets

While staking the maximum number of coins gives you access to bigger jackpots, the real deal as you play for real money should be managing your bankroll. Since you are playing four hands per round, it’s important you lower the amounts you are staking.

For instance, if you are staking 7% of your bankroll per hand in a single-hand poker game, then drop it to 3.5% per hand in multi-hand poker.

Learn and Master Your Poker Hands

Learn and master all the poker hands. This way, you can know the best video poker hand to play when need be. The online casino’s state of the art software system will always guide you during gameplay. However, you can never put a price on knowledge, especially if you are looking to play at the land based casino for a game.

Make Full Use of Bonuses and Promotions

One of the differentiating features between classic video poker machines and online/mobile video poker is the wide variety of bonuses. Online video poker, like most of the other casino games, offers you a share of bonuses through different promotions. These are offered in the form of deposit bonuses, free plays, cash backs, deposit bonuses, etc.

Claim these bonuses and use them to play for free. They may not be immediately available but when unlocked, players can use them to play real money video poker and win real money.

Only Play Real Money Video Poker at Reputable Sites

This is a very important point and yet one of the most overlooked. When you decide to play online video poker, ensure you find the best site(s) only. Make sure it is licensed, has clear terms and conditions, its privacy policy is transparent and it has a good reputation across player forums. It doesn’t have to be 100% perfect, but it should show its commitment to offering the best possible services.

Frequently Asked Questions


While online video poker is somewhat a simple game that doesn’t require much for you to master, you still need to be disciplined, focused and certain skills to play it with much ease. It is a game with one of the largest RTP (99.54%) at the online casino. This means that if you take it seriously, you can thrive well playing it. Read through the rules, play it for free to familiarize yourself with the rules and use the tips above when playing for real money to increase your chances of winning.